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If you are having difficulties with expanding the questions below or signing up for information about Rainbow House Sitters, please go directly to the website and not via a link from an app. This is a known issue and has been reported to the developers of our theme. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What is Rainbow House Sitters?
Rainbow House Sitters is a community that brings home owners and house sitters together. Focussed specifically (but not exclusively) on the LGBTIQ community and their needs, the aim is to allow home owners to have their precious belongings and pets cared for by house sitters who can relate to their particular situation.  Connecting like minded people is our aim.
Who can join Rainbow House Sitters?
Anyone is welcome to join Rainbow House Sitters. We expect our members to respect diversity and honour the trust relationship between our home owners and house and pet sitters.
Why is Rainbow House Sitters being developed?
Experience has shown that members of the rainbow community feel more comfortable in having other rainbow community members taking care of their home, belongings and importantly pets.
How do I become a member of Rainbow House Sitters?
We are busily finalising the platform to enable home owners and house sitters to connect.  Membership will be via subscription,  catering for a variety of situations and requirements. Submit your details using the form on this page so that we can let you know of the launch date and opening specials. We look forward to having you be part of the Rainbow House Sitting Community.
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